Main Gym

The Gym is one of the Club’s most popular facilities. This space has 40 resistance and cardio workout machines, plus a free weight and stretch area. It will easily satisfy most proficient gym goers, as well as newcomers.

There are a variety of cardio machines on site, including running machines, rowing machines, bikes and cross trainers.  We also have two step machines for those who like to get their calf and thigh muscles burning, whilst boosting their cardio capacity. The range of resistance machines has a scope and span that covers all the upper body as well as the lower body.


In addition, there is a computerised personal training guide available to help people stick to their programme. FitLinxx is a computerized system that attaches directly to the gym’s fitness equipment, adding an extraordinary “intelligent” dimension to the workout experience.

FitLinxx “learns” users’ programs, “coaches” them individually through their workout for better form, safety and confidence during every exercise, and “tracks” their progress over time. On strength equipment, FitLinxx appears as an easy-to-read touch-screen display that’s attached to the machine.

For cardiovascular equipment, each machine’s existing console is simply networked to FitLinxx. Users simply tap in their PIN to display their targets. FitLinxx then coaches them on speed, form, heart rate, etc., and tracks the workout session – every rep, set and step.

The system can be accessed on kiosks outside the gym, at the staff computer station, or anytime/anywhere on the web.