Screen Printing

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  • There is currently no screen printing available, sorry! Try one of our other fantastic courses.

The Screen Printing Workshop

This is an up-cycling workshop where you have the chance to transform your unwanted or unused items from home.  We will begin the workshop by creating a range of drawings and stencils, which will be used for our sample prints and final pieces. A range of colours will be provided for you to print with and you will be working in teams to help each other throughout the printing process.

What to bring and wear:

Although we will provide aprons, paint can stain clothing.   Please wear old clothes and shoes.

Bring up to four items to transform.  This includes t-shirts, vests, pillow cases, napkins, bags. Cottons work best.

Paper and card is another option. Please also bring plastic bags to take your pieces home safely.

Washing instructions:

Once the  samples are completely dry, each piece should be ironed for 3 – 5 minutes (turn the item inside out and place a t-towel on top to protect). This sets the ink into the cloth and makes the t-shirts machine washable.