Baby Booters

Term Time Courses

  • Ability: 18m-4yrs
  • No of weeks: Every week
  • Time: 11am-12noon
  • Price: £4.00
  • Available Sessions:

  • Saturday 11am-12pm
  • Sunday 11am-12pm

Baby Booters is the much talked about and massively popular kiddies fun kick-about footie session. Targeted at the little ‘uns between 18 months and four years of age, this is a great chance to get your little one active and engaged.

Expect plenty of craziness and playfulness for both boys and girls as the Club’s coaching team has them running, kicking, jumping and laughing in this hour-long session.

Note to parents!! Just before you think it’s a chance for you to sit and relax while your child runs themselves bonkers, think again! Mums and Dads have to join in the craziness too, so prepare yourselves for fun all round.