Roped Climbing

Introducing the awe-inspiring nine metre high roped wall, part of the JAGS Sports Club climbing facility. This huge wall equates to the height of two Double Deckers, stacked on each other.

The climbing wall is divided into nine roped lines, consisting of three routes per line. Climbing routes vary between 4+ and 7A, and provide an avenue for climbers to consistently challenge themselves. The routes are changed termly to ensure we keep you on your toes.

The wall itself consists of two corners, one mini roof, and an array of angles that will further the challenge.

The climbing wall will take everything you have to give, and in return, will take everything off your shoulders…  Concentrating on your body movements and the goal of the summit, allows the real world to really drift  away.  After a rigorous climbing session your endorphins are peaked and you can get back to life with a clear and confident head.