Climbing Wall

If you are a member of JAGS Sports Club you’ll have the opportunity of taking advantage of our exciting climbing wall facility including two bouldering walls and one enormous 9metre wall for roped climbing.

Very few sports clubs in the UK, let alone the London area, can boast this facility for it’s members but at JAGS Sports Club we are always striving to challenge members and this new facility takes this mission to new heights, literally.

It’s a sport that all the family can participate in from young children to senior citizens and if you are members of the club it will be free for you to use for fun, to try a new way to get fit, to challenge yourself or to start a brand new hobby!

Climbing stimulates both your mind and body as it pushes you through mental challenges and the physical processes that give you a full body workout. What could be better?

With this new facility there will be a required induction course. Remember that you will be climbing up to a height of 9 metres, that is two London buses on top of each other, so the induction course is a safety requirement, a way to start with good habits and an excellent learning foundation.

Upcoming climbing wall parties

Saturday 15th September   1 – 2.30pm & 3-4.30pm

Sunday 16th September  No parties

Saturday 22nd September  1-2.30pm & 3-4.30pm

Sunday 23rd September    1-2.30pm & 3-4.30pm