Pregnancy yoga course

Through this 6-week course students will be introduced to all aspects of yoga (breath, movement and mindfulness) so as to equip them with key tools for managing a calm, peaceful pregnancy and labour. The focus will largely be on breathing and mindfulness techniques, with gentle, flowing movements to ensure the body is kept supple and strong during pregnancy. By the end of the course students will not only have built up a network of friends, but they will also have built greater confidence in their bodies and minds to successfully manage the weeks and months ahead.

No previous experience of yoga is necessary but you must be in your second or third trimester of pregnancy when the course starts.

Members:  FREE

Non Members:  £60


Week 1 – ‘finding your feet’:
Group introductions.
Introducing the breath: connecting with a more mindful breath.
Introducing key standing postures and a proper skeletal alignment.
Gentle mobilisation of whole body.

Week 2 – ‘finding your breath’:
Recap of Week 1.
The breath, continued: working more into breath control (elongation and regulation) and mindfulness (withdrawing senses; short, guided meditation).
Introducing yoga sequencing: sun salutations.
Introducing standing balances.

Week 3 – ‘finding your foundation’:
Recap of Weeks 1 and 2.
Focussing on lower back mobility: working deeper into opening hamstrings and lower back.
Focussing on building strength and stability in the legs and hips.

Week 4 – ‘finding your joy’:
Recap of Weeks 1-3.
Focussing on opening the upper back and chest: working into gentle backbends.
Focussing on releasing tension in the shoulders and neck: gentle mobilisation.

Week 5 – ‘finding your peace’:
Recap if Weeks 1-4.
Exploring more in-depth guided meditations, breathing and mindfulness techniques.

Week 6 – ‘finding your path’:
Recap of Weeks 1-5.
Exploring the areas in the body most in need of attention (chosen by the group).
Partner work: standing balances.
Longer guided meditation and visualisation, group chanting.

Who teaches

Henrietta Greene

Next course starts September, dates TBC