CycleFit is a bike-led, high-energy class.  Each individual can adjust bike settings throughout the session so that speed and incline are specific to that person’s ability.  Classes take place in our brand new CycleFit studio, complete with 12 spin bikes and mood-lighting.

How it can benefit you:  CycleFit is a fantastic way to keep fit.  It will offer you cardiovascular training and will tone your legs and abs.  Although high energy, it is a relatively low impact workout and is therefore perfect for anyone who wants to avoid too much trauma on their knees and ankles.

There are multiple classes of CycleFit across the week from beginners to endurance.  These are led by our top instructors Max & Paula, but we also offer daily sessions with the virtual trainer, so you can get your fix whatever day of the week it is!



Who teaches


Monday 7-7.30pm (Beginners), 7.45 - 8.30pm (Endurance), Wednesday 7.30pm (Beginners)


Saturday, 10.15am (Beginners)