Go Karting

Go-Kart Party is the latest innovation in children’s entertainment, aimed at the 4-9 age group.

Once behind the wheel, kids are completely enthralled… Getting them into the karts is certainly a lot easier then getting them out!

Each Go-Kart Party Unit consists of 4 Karts and a 15m x 11m ‘mini grand-prix’ circuit.  The battery powered Karts travel at between 1 and 6 mph, and with light accurate steering and very smooth controls, are extremely easy to use. They are completely safe with a cushioned seat and padded cockpit, front, side and rear bumpers, sturdy roll bars, a low centre of gravity and powerful regenerative breaking.

All children are given a safety talk and demonstration of the controls before they are allowed to take control of the karts. Our trained staff are on hand throughout the party to give instruction and encouragement to the children.

Included in the party is the bouncy castle, which will be situated at one end of our sports hall for children waiting for their turn. This party is suitable for a maximum of 16 children.

Members: £310 per Party
Non Members: £335 per party

Call now on 020 8613 6500 to find out more.