Games Parties

Our Football, Trampoline and new Multi Sports/Mini Games parties for boys and girls last up to an hour so there is lots of fun time. Football parties will be hosted by our team of FA qualified football coaches, trampoline by our very own Nyrissa Barnes and Multi Sports by our popular multi sports holiday instructors… Darren Verga or Reece O’Callaghan

The football party involves learning football skills, playing fun games and having a match at the end of the party.

Our trampoline party is full of fun games and learning new skills.

Mini Games parties involve lots of running around, catching and parachute activities. The parties can include traditional games; what’s the time Mr Wolf, Hot Chocolate, Dodgeball, Stuck in the mud alongside parachute activities and games we have adapted within schools. The mini games are ideal for a mixed age group, boys/girls and bigger numbers.

This is followed by time to eat, drink, enjoy party cake and replenish energy levels.

There are number restrictions for these parties. For the trampoline party the maximum is 12 children, for the football party 20 children and multi sports 30 children.  For an additional fee of £20 you can bring 10 more children (football & multi parties only).

Football & Trampoline:

Members: £155 per party

Non Members: £185 per party

Multi Sports/Mini Games:

Members: £175 per party

Non Members: £205 per party

Call now on  0208 613 6500 to find out more.