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January 10, 2019

Holiday Kids Club registration and booking go live 14th January!


All future Holiday Kids Club (HKC) bookings must be made online and in advance.  This new system will enable adults to have 24 hour booking access and full flexibility regarding their children’s details and data.

In order to start booking desired courses and activities on Holiday Kids Club, each adult will need to register themselves and their children onto the system.  This will take around 15 minutes for the first child and around 5 minutes for any additional children.  Once the registration has been completed, the registered adult will have the freedom to book activities and will not have to re-register for future bookings.

Booking will only be possible for the next available Holiday Kids Club.  Once the full week of HKC has finshed, the next holiday will be available for booking.  For example, February HKC finishes on 22nd February, and on 25th February, the Easter HKC will be available to book.  It will no longer be possible to bring your children in to the Club on the day and book so please ensure you have registered prior to the February Holiday Kids Club if you are likely to be using HKC.

Registration and booking for Holiday Kids Club will open on Monday 14th January, and easy-to-follow instructions will be available at reception.  It will also be possible, from 9am on Monday 14th January, to visit the courses page or Current News section of the website and click on a hyperlink to register and book.

Our staff will be able to guide you through the registration process if you require additional assistance outside of the information available, but they will no longer be able to book anything on your behalf.

Please note this service currently applies only to Holiday Kids Club bookings and will not affect term-time kids or adult courses.