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February 23, 2017

Key points raised in 2017 Club Survey

Key points raised in the 2017 Members Survey


Many thanks to all members that took part in the 2017 survey. This information has been extremely valuable in helping us work towards providing a better facility and service for you.

There were several opportunities in the survey that allowed members to offer suggestions and feedback, and we have focused primarily on any topic that was raised more than once.

The following gives an indication of the suggestions/feedback offered, and our plans to action this.

Pool Changing Rooms: Cold showers

Thank you for drawing our attention to this. We have since cleared a blockage and the showers are now warm again. If you have any issues regarding shower temperature, please let us know.

Information regarding galas

We will ensure that communication is more effective with regards to galas and apologise for the extremely late notice of the recent gala, which was due to an administrative issue. Gala times are posted on the ‘Opening Times’ section of the website and are also on signs around the Club and in the changing rooms, and we endeavour to give members as much notice as possible.

Swimmers using correct lanes

Members have expressed frustration at people using incorrect swimming lanes during adult lane swims. This is usually because faster lanes might be less busy and therefore swimmers decide to move in to those lanes. Please be considerate when choosing your lane… if swimmers are overtaking you, please move to a slower lane. If you are overtaking everyone, please move to a faster lane. We have put signs up in the changing rooms about this and have noted several requests that our Lifeguards could be more proactive in moving people, if they would be better suited to an alternative lane. We appreciate your support in enforcing this.

Cleanliness of Changing Rooms

We have noted that there were comments about the levels of cleanliness in the changing rooms, particularly on the poolside. We will ensure that changing rooms are checked and cleaned more regularly, and will check toilet roll and soap levels on a daily basis. Deep cleaning of the drains will also take place once a month. However, there are very busy periods and sometimes it only takes one pair of muddy boots to make the whole area look very dirty. We would really appreciate your help in maintaining cleanliness by wearing shoe covers (located on the entrance to the changing rooms), and by putting all belongings in to the lockers provided.   We will highlight the shoe covers with new signage. If lifeguards need to clean the changing rooms and are prevented from doing so by clothes and shoes being left on the side and floor, we reserve the right to move these in to lockers.

General Swim

A few members feel uncomfortable swimming with their children during General Swim times, as there are swimmers wanting to swim lengths. Please note that General Swim is for all swimmers, including children and we want to avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable about being the pool with their children during this time. Our pool timetable is available at reception and online (http://www.jagssportsclub.co.uk/swimming-timetable), and our staff will be more than happy to explain any sessions that are unclear.


Although we regularly remind non-members that the car park at JAGS Sports Club is for members only, we are aware that the need may arise to introduce some more drastic measures, and we are looking in to this. We welcome members using bikes or walking to the Club, where possible. We will update members about this in due course, but ask that you regularly carry your Membership card with you, in case of new security measures.

Faults in the Gym

We endeavour to fix gym equipment within one week of issues being reported. Very occasionally, faulty machinery can take longer to fix if certain parts are required. All machines that are faulty should be clearly labelled and the team will ensure this continues to happen. If you notice a faulty machine that has not been labelled, please let us know.

Upstairs gym/Freeweights Studio

A few members expressed disappointment at losing the Express Gym. Unfortunately, the Express Gym was relatively underused in comparison to the rest of the facilities and for that reason, it was felt that it would be better turned in to a Free Weights studio, which is used widely. However, this is a facility that is available to all members. If you have not yet had an induction in the Freeweights Studio, please book in with one of our instructors, as each member is entitled to a free induction. Please also note that we are offering a Women-only induction session as part of International Women’s Week, at 11am in the Free Weights Gym on Saturday 11th March. If you would like to attend this session, please book in at reception or drop us a line on 020 8613 6500. For full details of the International Women’s Week programme, please visit http://www.jagssportsclub.co.uk/2017/02/international-womens-week/

Non Members

Some members raised the issue of non-members using the Club, especially the gym, badminton facilities and tennis courts. Please note that we will be operating regular spot checks going forward, where guests will be asked for their membership cards. Please help us by carrying your membership card. If you are a new member and have not yet received your card, you can simply give your name if asked, during a check. We really appreciate your support with this.

Studio Sessions

We have recently added another Hot Yoga session to our weekly offering, which has proved extremely popular. In addition, we have added AquaFit, which has been welcomed by several members. We will continue to evaluate classes and assess where our members are getting value. Weekend afternoons are very quiet at the Club and previous sessions have not proved successful at these times. Some members have suggested women-only sessions. As mentioned, we are running a number of women-only sessions as part of International Women’s week, and we will evaluate the success of these when considering future sessions.