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January 25, 2017

Just Eat It: Poached Salmon with potatoes, gem lettuce and a tarragon yoghurt

This week from Franklins in East Dulwich, a substantial and healthy salad… quick, simple and delicious.

Poached salmon, baby gem lettuce, potatoes & tarragon yoghurt


·         500g       Salmon fillets

·         200g       Charlotte or other waxy potato

·         2 x          Baby gem lettuce

·         1 x          Bunch tarragon, chopped

·         2 tbsps Natural yoghurt


Poaching liquid

·         1 ltr        Water

·         1 x          Lemon

·         1 x          Splash of white wine

·         1 x          Bay leaf

·         1 x          Sprig of thyme

·         8 x          Peppercorns


1.       Cook you potatoes by boiling in salted water.  Drain and let cool slightly

2.       Put the poaching liquid together

3.       Put the salmon in to the water, bring to a simmer on a really low flame.  Once the water starts bubbling, turn the water off and leave the salmon in the water

4.       Chop up the potatoes and little gem and place in to a bowl

5.       Carefully remove the salmon with a fish slice and flake on to the lettuce and potatoes

6.       Pour on the yoghurt and chopped tarragon and serve