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November 17, 2016

NEW: Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga courses starting in January

We are starting two new courses in January:  Pregnancy Yoga & Post-Natal Yoga.

Pregnancy Yoga starts on Wednesday 4th January, 7-8pm, and will take place for six weeks (finishing 8th February) Post-Natal Yoga starts on Sunday 8th January, 11.30am-12.30pm, and will take place for four weeks (finishing 29th January).

Both courses are FREE to members. Non Members may attend. Costs: PREG £60 / POST £40 per course. To book, call 020 8613 6500.. spaces are limited.

Pregnancy Yoga will focus on breathing and mindfulness techniques, with gentle, flowing movements to ensure the body is kept supple and strong during pregnancy, and will introduce students to all aspects of yoga (breath, movement and mindfulness) so as to equip them with key tools for managing a calm, peaceful pregnancy and labour. You must be in your second or third trimester to take part in this course.

Post Natal pregnancy will work gently with your body to ensure effective healing and relaxation. This is a mummy-only session and we ask that women have already attended their 6-week check up, before attending the first session.