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January 19, 2016

Linking Members

Ever wanted to have a good old knock around on the tennis courts or thrash or round on the squash court or even wanted to climbing to the top of the climbing wall… but don’t have a partner?

Well we know there are bound to be a few members wanting to hook up with other members to play some racquet sports or climbing together…. and if you are happy to let us share your email details with other members then maybe we can get something off the ground.  Send your details to me ..Name / email address / your chosen sport  / and your ability.  This way we can try and get a list together which we can pass on to other members looking to play some sport.  Email andy.p@jagssportsclub.co.uk

Please remember that for all you keen climbers  wanting to use the roped wall you must have a competent belay partner to you yourself be a competent climber.  We really do not want you to hurt yourselves.