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July 2, 2013

Parking at JAGS Sports Club

Just a gentle reminder to users of the Club.  The car park at JAGS Sports Club is for members only.  Should you be a non-member attending a course we can give you access but it will be on the basis that it is for drop off purposes only.  As the car park only has a capacity of 45 cars at busy times we reserve the right to only allow members to park on site.

Also can we ask members using the Club to always bring your membership cards to access the gate.  If the receptionist is on the phone or dealing with a customer then they cannot always get to the gate’s intercom straight away. So always have your card to hand we do not want to leave you at the gates for more than you need to.  In the same way we would ask that all members swipe in at reception when they come in….It helps us to monitor usage and therefore improve the service.